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Transparent, fast, beautiful.

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If your teeth are crooked, crowded, or gapped, it can be hard to feel good about your smile. Our 'clear braces' may be the answer. No need for bulky and uncomfortable metal in your mouth, our clear aligner therapy can straighten your teeth while remaining virtually invisible. 


We use the iROK digital technique. This is a modern and innovative approach for transparent teeth alignment, that is suitable for 85% of misalignment cases in adults and adolescents (girls from the age of 14 and boys from the age of 15). The iROK system is based on a 3D computerized laser technology called orthoRX, that ensures a faster, more efficient and comfortable treatment compared to other teeth alignment methods.

After performing a series of orthodontic scans and impressions of the jaws, a treatment plan is mapped out and we will custom build a series of transparent, removable clear aligners made of a thermoplastic material. The aligners will gradually move the teeth according to the treatment and imaging plan, an be replaced every 2-3 weeks. until they reach their projected results.

Patients can view a personalized 3-D demonstration of their treatment plan and follow their progress in real-time throughout their entire course of treatment. 

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Aesthetic: Near-invisible

Hygienic: Ideal tooth brushing without appliances

Healthy: No metals

Quick: 6-10 months average

Conservative: Less extractions

Predictable: Computerized planning of the final result

Removable: Eating, hygiene, sports


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