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A different kind of dentistry.

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Biological Dentistry means that we take a 'biocompatibility' approach to your dental treatment. As biological dentists we understand that infections, exposure to toxins, and imbalances in the mouth and body are linked to chronic disease, illnesses. At the Tel Aviv Dental Clinic, we emphasize the relationship between oral health and its effect on the immune system and the overall health of our patients. We employ innovative diagnostics to test for genetic markers and suscptibilies (metals, dental materials, etc.), so that we can create an exacting treatment plan that addresses your unique oral microbiome. We use only the safest, most biocompatible dental materials known to cause the least biological reactions, and we do what we can to implement minimal intervention in order to conserve your natural tooth structure, and its surrounding functional tissue.




CAMBRA – Caries Management by Risk Assessment – a scientific approach that supports targeting risk factors in order to tip the scale in favor of oral health and stop the progress of caries (cavities). This approach is based on several parameters including biological risk factors, protective agents and markers for active disease, based on a saliva test.

In our clinic, we believe in this approach, that enables us to personalize the treatment plan, and to “minimize” or “maximize” it according to the findings.

Preventing the Root Canal


A “hot” topic in biological dentistry today is whether or not to perform root canal treatments, as the question of safety of these treatments is being questioned. Currently, there is insufficient scientific proof that supports the latter, but we believe that  root canal treatments should be avoided whenever possible, in order to maintain good health and integrity of the teeth, in accordance with the principal of minimum invasiveness. To this end, we use a variety of methods and products designed to encourage recovery of the tooth’s circulatory and nervous system, in order to avoid root canal treatment whenever possible. 

Natural Hygiene & Treatment


In recent years, there has been a growing awareness towards maintaining a healthy lifestyle alongside the use of natural care methods, thus many people currently prefer using natural products when it comes to maintaining their oral health.

In our clinic, we offer counseling and guidance to treatment options and hygiene methods that are tailored especially for you, based on data obtained from your full assessment, in accordance with the principals of personalized dentistry, and without compromising the health of your teeth and gums.


Sensitivity Testing

Many patients suffer from sensitivity to dental products, whether or not they are aware of it. Avoiding the use of products that cause hypersensitivity reactions is the dental field is even more significant, since most products remain in our mouths for many years, and may cause a chronic immune response.

We now have several methods for tracing sensitivities for dental products and metals, and will be happy to discuss this with you and refer you to relevant tests, so that we may use only products that are best suited for you.

These tests include: MELISA TEST (sensitivity to metals), Clifford TEST (sensitivity to dental products) Want to learn more? Ask us about MELISSA test and Clifford testing.


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