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Not all teeth are created equal. The biology is entirely unique in each patient.  This explains why some people can eat candy, not practice good oral hygiene and yet have healthy teeth, while others who make sure to eat well and clean their teeth properly will still have more caries and gum diseases. It turns out that the health of our teeth and gums is greatly dependent on personal factors such as the chemical structure of the teeth, the bacterial population in the mouth, the balance of the immune and the hormonal systems in the body, teeth grinding, and our eating, chewing and hygiene habits,

Amalgam/Mercury Filling Removal 

Zirconia Implants

Dr. Yarden Goldstein’s dental clinic is the first and most experienced clinic in Israel specializing in safe replacement of amalgam fillings (1996).
Dr. Goldstein is an opinion leader in the field of amalgam usage in modern dentistry as a representative of the IAOMT, The International Academy of Oral Medicine and Toxicology.

Oral Care During Pregnancy

The body goes through many changes during pregnancy. It is important to note that the bacterial composition found in the mother’s mouth will determine the bacterial composition that the baby will develop after birth, meaning that bacteria that can cause caries or gum disease will be transmitted to the baby and will determine the health of their teeth for the rest of their life. 

Dr. Goldstein will help expecting mothers address the myriad issues that can affect mother and child as they pertain to gingivitis, mercury poisoning, safe sugar substitutes and x-rays


Titanium implants have been in use for many years with high success rates, however, in recent years more and more studies show that the titanium metal undergoes a process of oxidation and corrosion which leads to the release of metal particles into the body.

Zirconia is a ceramic material that does not corrode and for this reason is biologically superior to titanium as an implant, as can be seen from comparative studies. The zirconia’s white color gives it an aesthetic advantage as no grey reflection is apparent through the gumline.

Next - Gen Diagnostics

Dr. Goldstein performs various state-of-the-art testing to determine and prevent myriad health issues that can be caused by mercury accumulation, teeth grinding, metal and dental materials sensitivities, chronic periodontal disease leading to bone loss, whether or not your saliva puts you at greater risk for tooth decay, genetic testing to determine if you are pre-disposed to various oral health challenges.

A different kind of dentistry.

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